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I have noticed, after speaking with Datura users, that at higher levels, it is impossible to discern between sleeping and wakefulness. This is said to happen to insomniacs, who actually dream they are awake (and thus arent really insomniacs). Things happen that users label as hallucinations when in fact they may be only dreaming.

Someone posted the following message to the alt.drugs newsgroup regarding atropine and dreaming:

" If the purpose is to get high, try drinking a tea made from a 1/3 of teabag worth of leaf. Of course nightshade, belladonna, and jamestown weed are unpredictable, having a lot to do with growing conditions. If you are planning on tripping, start within the lower half of a teabag. If your intention is to kill someone, or yourself:) EAT A PLANT, or three. You can expect a very drythroat, lucid reality dreams, and a loss of balance. Effects last at least 12 hrs. Lock yourself in your house, and explore the inner realms of the ancient plant. Think of flying! Thats it. Now float.
I think atropines would be quite useful in small amounts to help invent artistic admixtures. The amount would have to be very small, and it is important to remember that.
Due to the availability of the plants, they can be quite useful for the dreamer. All you need to do is take caution. If you jump, remember> YOU CAN FLY."

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released March 9, 2017




notnotice Barnaul, Russia

notnotice - a project created to implement the ambient and not only the mood of the author. originally was written only dark ambient, but later decided not limited by the rigid framework, but at the same time, the music has not lost the original dark and cold, notnotice tries to embody in their tracks, the idea of loneliness and alienation ... more

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